Podcasts aren’t a new phenomenon, but there are a lot of folks who still aren’t listening. If you’re one of them – you don’t know what you’re missing.

As a business owner, free time holds a premium value. Who has hours a day to churn through text hoping to find that golden nugget of wisdom you need? Me neither. Instead, I spend a few hours a week listening to my favorite podcasts. The hosts have already targeted a particular subject, conducted the research and even found guests who can speak with first-hand experience.

Best of all? I can tune in for 20min a day while walking my dog.

Here are 5 worth listening to:


This is my favorite, hands-down. It’s a podcast is built for the “creatives” out there; that is, people who rely on their minds and imagination to create value. The sessions last just 15 minutes but I can chew on the lessons for months.  His approach will help you “stay prolific, brilliant and healthy.”

Todd Henry has literally altered the ways I think about my work and life.


30 minutes of insight from renowned author John Jantsch. Every week he sits with a professional within the industry to discuss real-world examples and advice to grow your audience. The nice thing about this production easy nature of the conversation.

Even Forbes thinks he’s “full of great tips and ideas for small business.”

The Engaging Brand

Running a business requires a pretty diverse skill-set, and this podcast will help you develop a well-rounded approach to marketing your brand. From Social Media strategies to managing your schedule, Anna Farmery talks with the pros and allows you to listen in.

Nominated six-years running for “Best Business Podcast.”



This podcast is one of a kind. Each week, John Lee Dumas interviews SEVEN new entrepreneurs to uncover their successes, failures and “aha moments.” If you need an upbeat voice to get your batteries charged – this is your man.

Awarded “Best of iTunes – 2013.”


SCORESCORE Small Business Success Podcast

For those who don’t know about SCORE – go look ‘em up. It’s a collection of retired CEO’s striving to help the rest of us figure things out. Subjects here range from personal discipline to securing funding for your latest project. These guys know what they’re talking about.

If you’d like a one-on-one, check with your Chamber of Commerce. Sometimes they’ll facilitate a meet-up…

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    1. You are so very welcome, John. Nothing lights me up more than seeing entrepreneurs find success. It’s a tough road to travel and I’m glad to see we’re not “going it” alone. Instead, we’ll have you and your guests playing in my earbuds several times each week!

      THANK YOU for sharing and keep up the great work!

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