The Survivor Lap.

Recent studies estimate that one in three American citizens will be stricken by cancer within their lifetime.

Heck, odds are you’ve already been touched by this crumby disease. And if you’ve seen someone trying to fight it, you’ll be glad to know the American Cancer Society (ACS) is working hard to uncover a cure.

ACS’s Relay For Life is the single largest fundraising event in the nation and has nearly 4,000,000 participants world-wide. Once each year families and businesses come together to raise awareness and funding throughout the 24hr event. Volunteers compete with one another at games, contests and fundraising to further the search for a solution.

Those of us at TypicalGenius know about this organization first-hand. We weren’t looking for support and probably would have turned down anyone offering to help. But they appeared out of nowhere and offered monetary and emotional relief during our daughter’s difficult struggle. In times like these experience makes all the difference – ACS has the answers.

Please reach out to see how they can assist your loved ones.
You might be surprised at what they can do to make life a little easier.

Then, after you’ve made it through, I hope you’ll join us in “paying it forward” by taking part in the Relay For Life.
It’s easy, it’s fun, and it really does make a difference.

Ready to get involved?   Click here