Some kids really get hosed. Can you imagine your youth spent in a hospital bed instead of on a ball diamond? Getting stuck with needles instead of an early bedtime? It’s true. Some children we know have spent more time in treatment than in their own home.

Thankfully, the heroes at Make-A-Wish step in to break the monotony. 25,000 volunteers are pulling strings all over the community to make dreams come true. Whether flying a fighter jet or singing on stage, you can rest assured some kid is gonna be smiling. Wishes are granted to any kid diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or condition (2 ½ to 18yrs old). All it takes is a referral.

A wish is granted every 38 minutes.

Someone made this gesture for our daughter a few years back. She was granted back-stage access to a popular Food Network show, met the host and was chauffeured all over town in her own limousine. Trip expenses and planning were covered by the program – making this a wonderfully worry-free escape from reality. Since her brother and parents were along for the ride, the family was able to enjoy the reprieve together.

Their only goal is to give children something positive to look forward to.

So, if you know of someone who could use a pick-me-up, or maybe you have connections that would come in handy for granting a wish – step up.

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