Adopt a friend today!

On average, 69 animals are brought to the Dumb Friends League every day.
If you’ve ever loved a family pet, you probably find this statistic heart-wrenching. So do we.

And that’s how the Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL) wound up on our list of deserving charities. Quietly, these kind strangers go about their business – sheltering lost and relinquished animals; preparing them for adoption into a safe new home.

There are plenty of reasons that animals find themselves here. Some are lost, some are victims of split homes and job transfers, others simply didn’t match the color of the new couch. But without judgement or a mean bone in their bodies, every one of these furry friends deserve a second chance. The DDFL has a handful of full-time employees but relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers. Planning, careful coordination and plenty of experience have led to tremendous results for our community.

Last year alone, 19,851 animals were saved.
4,792 special needs animals were adopted.

TypicalGenius Team Mascot - Piper

That’s a success rate of 83%.

Did you know the DDFL runs an open-admission shelter? That’s right – they never turn an animal away. Doesn’t matter what kind (including cows, cats and, chameleons), or what condition they arrive in – these guys do their level-best to offer each of them a new home. Last year they opened the Harmony Equine Center (Franktown, CO), capable of caring for 200 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules removed from neglectful and abusive owners.

Please take a moment to see who might be waiting for you at the shelter. We’ve adopted two dogs from the Buddy Center (Castle Rock, CO) and couldn’t be happier – they have truly opened our hearts.

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