Children's Hospital of Denver

Hard to put into words just how incredible this organization is… 1,000 pediatricians, 3,000 full-time employees and countless volunteers working tirelessly to improve the lives of sick children. The Children’s Hospital of Denver is really something else.

The staff demonstrates a high-level commitment to their patients, guiding families through the toughest times with patience and understanding. They wade through sadness, hardship and heartbreak to bring strength to those still fighting. The Children’s Hospital of Denver is truly a beautiful place, with laser-like focus on the children.

Smiling children.

It’s no exaggeration to say these folks saved our daughter and many others.

A lousy day at work, a rough evening commute, it’s easy to lose perspective of what matters in this world. But take two steps through the door you’re forced to realize that things could always be worse, and you can probably do a better job representing humanity.

It was an evening just like this that opened my eyes. I had gone to visit my daughter, struck by cancer and undergoing treatments. As I made my way up to the Oncology Ward, I found myself walking behind a kid just two feet tall, wearing a gown and pulling his own IV pole. In his other hand he held tightly to his father. And when I saw that boy look up with a great big smile my world changed. The children here just keep on plugging, and they deserve any help we can offer.

We support The Children’s Hospital because they support us. 

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